Bad Boy

Redesign of the liquor store loyalty app

Bad Boy is a Ukrainian alcohol hypermarket. It has a funny loyalty program: you collect virtual bottles after each purchase and then exchange them for personal discounts

Bad Boy wanted to redesign the app adding gamification and new features

We started with a design audit that helped us to uncover the problems of the previous design version and prioritize the necessary changes together with new features

Let's take a quick look at the main blocks:

Cards with personal offers

We have adjusted the height of offers banners to ensure they all are downloaded evenly and as expected for the user. We have also added an arrow suggesting you click on the offer, read about the drink, and find out the details of the personal discount

Bottle Meter

To encourage customers to exchange bottles for personalized offers, we've added a bottle counter to the main menu and highlighted the number of potential bottles on each offer card.

Loading banners

In order not to force people to look at blank banners while the offer is downloading, we have added sketches of images that should appear on the screen. 

Advertising banners

There is a separate block with partners' banner ads in the app. To not let them break out of our style, we have highlighted it with Bad Boy's brand color and added the advertising mark. So now the ads look like ads!

Badges and personal statistics

People liked to show off the number of collected bottles. We have created a block with statistics in the application to increase their passion. Now you can even count the number of hours spent in the parking lot, and the number of liters bought.


We've added a section with challenges and rewards to encourage users to buy more often. For example, as soon as you try all kinds of single malt whiskey, you will open a new level of rewards.

«I love cool alcohol, I love Bad Boy, and I love the result of this project. We've implemented pretty simple but clear ideas, and that's the whole point. That's why people love this app so much!»

Anton Zotov, UX designer at Once Agency

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Core team

Our co-owners,
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Anton Yatsenko

Anton Yatsenko

Strategy director

Uliana Shved

Uliana Shved

Creative director

Victor Grudakov

Victor Grudakov

Art director, Illustrator

Evgen M.

Evgen Madenov

UI Director

Anton Zotov

Anton Zotov

UX director