UX & UI design for the first Ukrainian online CASKO

The digitalization of insurance companies is a challenging task. We are happy to share the process and results of the first online CASCO in Ukraine — now, anyone can order it online in 2 minutes.

CASCO by Colonnade


«At the time of launch, there were only several online insurance products on the Ukrainian market. But in our opinion, none was convenient for users.

Online CASCO did not exist at all. The maximum you could get was to receive a price list on Viber. So we wanted to create something revolutionary for the insurance market.»

Anton Zotov / UX Head / Once Agency


To create a UX/UI design for the CASCO online insurance and a landing page

What's more challenging, the landing page had to work as a constructor to be easily adapted to any of the following online products of Colonnade.

Stage 1.
Audience Research

We started with a study of car owners' behavior.

Here are the main conclusions from qualitative research:


Customers don't know what risks their insurance covers or exemptions are included in the contract. In addition, they don't understand the difference between voluntary CASCO and obligatory Motor third-party liability insurances.


There is a stereotype that all insurance companies try to cheat and avoid paying the promised.


Insurance is associated with many hassles: different policies in every company, unclear contracts, hidden exceptions, bureaucracy, and numerous negotiations with the manager.


CASCO is almost a luxury product. It is costly for the family budget.

Stage 2.
The website for online products

The main task of the landing page is to explain everything about the product simply and clearly.

Let's take a look through the main blocks:

The header

Here you can quickly switch between different online products of Colonnade:


Calculate the cost of CASCO in a second

Right on the first screen, you can enter the car number and calculate the cost of a CASCO in a second.

Users are used to this while ordering Motor third-party liability insurance, so we've created a similar experience for this new product:


Reasons to work with Colonnade

Colonnade is a new company in the B2C market, so we briefly presented the main RTBs on the second block.


There are only 3 options for CASCO. They all are clearly described and easy to compare.

Customers are used to such comparisons in online banking. We've honestly indicated the insurance coverage, exceptions, deductibles, and important points. Not a single item is hidden in the footnotes.


Fully online insurance

We focused on the benefits important for every user — now they don't need to cope with the insurance company in offices. Everything goes digital!


No offices

Who the hell wants to attend the insurance office in 2021? We quickly solve all your questions online or by phone

No paperwork

All contracts are signed online. If you still need a paper copy, we will deliver it by courier

No calls

We don't have a separate sales department, so we won't bother you with "Are you comfortable talking now? And now?»

No questionnaires

We use Open Data and automatically pull up most of the information required for the contract. So you don't have to fill in lots of questionnaires

You can add our CASCO policy to your Apple or Google Wallet. Does any other insurance company have this?

No need to worry about paperwork and email docks:


Policy in your smartphone

Quick access to the policy in Apple Wallet or Android Wallet. Enjoy it whenever you want

You can add our policy to your Apple or Google Wallet — no insurance company has one!

No need to worry about paperwork and email docks:



Do you want your product or service to be heard about?

Stage 3.
UX for online CASCO registration

Some insurance companies claim that they also have an online CASCO.

SJ let's compare it... with a real online CASCO by Colonnade


In a typical «online CASCO»

All data must be entered manually

Here — just enter the car number, all data will be pulled up automatically. You'll also immediately see the price

There is only one case when you'll need to manually enter the data — if your car number or VIN code is not included in the national database

In this case, we will offer you to click on the options we've created for you in advance. You still don't need to write anything by hand:

Easy and intuitive
package selection


In a typical «online CASCO»

There are numerous different packages, all of them are hard to compare

Easily compare and choose from three packages that cover different driver requests

Painless payment


In a typical «online CASCO»

It's hard to say goodbye to a large amount and pay immediately for the whole year

The price doesn't seem crazy when it is divided into four parts and paid quarterly

We'll fill it out for you


In a typical «online CASCO»

You must enter your personal data manually

We are filling in the data automatically using BankID

You set the convenient time for car inspections


In a typical «online» Kasko

The insurance company sets the date of car inspection. You need to negotiate with the manager via Viber

You can immediately choose a convenient place and time for car inspection, and the insurance company will manage the rest

Deferred payment


In a typical «online» Kasko

You need to pay for immediately signing the contract

You can pay within 7 days after signing the contract

No calls, no papers, no attending the insurance office


In a typical «online CASCO»

After registering online, you need to contact the manager and confirm your actions (by phone or Viber)

Everything is processed online instantly. The data is stored in your profile

Take a look at our simple checkout process

Stage 4.
The revolutionary mobile version

Instead of adopting the interface to mobile format, we've created a separate mobile version that includes many convenient options for mobile users — it looks like online chat!

It gives you the impression of live communication with the insurance company. The client fills out the questionnaire step by step as if communicating with us in a chat. This is a revolutionary solution for the market, and no other insurance company has such a convenient mobile version of their products

Do you want to test our online insurance products?

Just click on one of the products. Write to us if you need a promo code for a discount from Once:)

We believe that small details have the greatest effect

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