Beautiful 3D videos for a digital insurance company

Or this is how we've reached the 60% view rate for 17-sec product videos

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Casco insurance

The campaign is created in 3D. We have focused on the moment when something terrible is about to happen, and the relief when you are safe again.

All the threats turn into soft branded balls, saving the insured object. They become visually discharged with pleasant ASMR inserts.

Home Insurance

Health Insurance

Motor third party liability insurance

60% view rate for long product videos is wow!

We've used different formats and adaptable sizes to gain the maximum effect.

We've also created an ASMR brand video to be used as screensavers, office monitors, exhibitions, etc.

Brand video

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Core team

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Anton Yatsenko

Anton Yatsenko

Strategy director

Uliana Shved

Uliana Shved

Creative director

Victor Grudakov

Victor Grudakov

Art director, Illustrator

Evgen M.

Evgen Madenov

UI Director

Anton Zotov

Anton Zotov

UX director