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How we launched ice cream

We tell you how we created a visual style, brand message and launch campaign for the Lviv manufacturer of natural ice cream

When we got acquainted with the Lviv brand «Fine Ice», we immediately ate 2 kilograms. Just from the tray. Almost with hands.

It contains only best-of-the-best natural ingredients. Sicilian pistachios, Belgian chocolate, and cream from a trusted local farmer. Prepare everything according to Italian technology on the equipment cost with an apartment in the center.

But the main thing is that there are more than 90 flavors here. the owner Bogdan is always on the lookout for new amazing combinations: there is a traditional gelato with strachetella, and gastronomic ice cream with salmon, sorbet with prosecco or even gorgonzola.

We updated the logo and created a new product design морозива ice cream delivery cans



We came up with a brand message: «Try Everything, try everything» and went to advertising

At first, we focused on sales in outlets all over Lviv. But there was a quarantine and we changed our plans and created a campaign for delivery

On posters and banners, we showed the main thing — a variety of tastes. They showed that each of them creates its own atmosphere and works like a switch of gray everyday life. For example, our strawberry sorbet is so delicious that all worries and worries are left behind. At least for the time being, while you lick it.

And also!

In social networks, we launched advertising and a contest: we offered subscribers to build the highest pyramid from our jars and get the same amount of ice cream as a gift. In the first three weeks of delivery the brand's Instagram grew by x3


(on Instagram) built a tower of 28 cans of ice cream.
Have you ever seen such a thing?

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Core team

Our co-owners,
co-creators, and
co-partners in crime

Anton Yatsenko

Anton Yatsenko

Strategy director

Uliana Shved

Uliana Shved

Creative director

Victor Grudakov

Victor Grudakov

Art director, Illustrator

Evgen M.

Evgen Madenov

UI Director

Anton Zotov

Anton Zotov

UX director