Machine Factor

Naming and branding for a team of geniuses

We managed to work with one of the top teams that train machines in algorithmic trading in financial markets

The startup helps investment and financial managers anticipate changes more accurately and make important decisions quickly and impartially. And they use machine learning for this purpose.

A kind of hipsters of the financial market, slowly replacing dinosaurs, the future belongs to them.The target audience is progressive financial managers and investment bankers who use or want to apply algorithms and machine learning in their work.

A kind of hipsters of the financial market, slowly replacing dinosaurs, the future belongs to them.

We wondered: why are people starting to trust machines more than people?

People make mistakes because they miss important details and give free rein to emotions, while machines only work cold calculation. If the human factor is always an additional risk, then the machine factor is an additional value.

The «Machine Factor» in the financial market is the decisive factor that leads progressive investors to victory.

The name passed a successful test on the client's team and partners and immediately took on a life of its own.

How did we approach the «Machine Factor» identity?

The machine factor knows when to raise and when to fold, we used typical images of these deltas for algorithmic trading and turned them into a brand pattern symbolizing a positive market situation.

The logo is a monogram created from the usual grotesque

In which we partially replaced rounded lines with sharp corners. For the colors, we chose cyber violet in combination with a rich dark blue. Auxiliary Color - white.

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Core team

Our co-owners,
co-creators, and
co-partners in crime

Anton Yatsenko

Anton Yatsenko

Strategy director

Uliana Shved

Uliana Shved

Creative director

Victor Grudakov

Victor Grudakov

Art director, Illustrator

Evgen M.

Evgen Madenov

UI Director

Anton Zotov

Anton Zotov

UX director