Smart Group

Rebranding of B2B company Smart Group

Smart Group is a distributor of gadgets, working with the world's most popular brands

The team has grand ambitions, so they needed the brand redesign and a new corporate website to reflect their vision

Geometrical shapes created by the negative space behind the letters Smart Group inspired us for the main visual idea

These sharp geometrical shapes form a brand pattern and logo

This idea is developed on different materials and formats

The geometrical figures have also become the basis of product category icons:

Just take a look at the brandbook!

Finally, the corporate presentation:

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Core team

Our co-owners,
co-creators, and
co-partners in crime

Anton Yatsenko

Anton Yatsenko

Strategy director

Uliana Shved

Uliana Shved

Creative director

Victor Grudakov

Victor Grudakov

Art director, Illustrator

Evgen M.

Evgen Madenov

UI Director

Anton Zotov

Anton Zotov

UX director